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    Enhancer Line

    Elevating cannabis and natural flavors to create a memorable aromatic experience, amplifying the pungent flavor notes in every product.

    Live Line™

    The Live Line™ captures cannabis at its prime.
    Just before harvesting, the cannabis aromatic peak point of the untouched terpene profile expresses a vibrant side of the cannabis plant in its pure and most pungent, desirable form.

    A sensory journey to the rare flavors of cannabis.

    Palate Line™

    The Palate Line™ brings together terpenes, ketones and esters to deliver diverse sensations.

    By amplifying the hidden tastes of cannabis and incorporating new botanical ingredients, Palate Line™ introduces appealing and immersive flavors, holding the “whole-plant” experience.

    Pure Terpenes Line

    Enjoy a wide variety of terpenes for sale.
    Rich selection of botanical-derived terpene profiles, developed by researching the best genetics in the world.


    NT-VRL® is a patented, data-driven terpene formulation developed and manufactured by Eybna. The formulation contains terpenes with a high indication for their anti-inflammatory & antiviral properties, in optimized ratios. 

    Custom Formulation

    Empowering your brand, made exclusive and consistent. Introducing Eybna’s custom formulation to uniquely match the whole-plant qualities to your oil-based product needs.

    Sample Kit

    Explore our menu and assemble your customized sample kit.
    Select your favorite products and add them to your cart.
    Each sample kit contains 8 x 1ml / 10ml samples & up to 1 of  the same kind.

    $199.00 for 1ml sample kit.

    $750.00 for 10ml sample kit.