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    Unlock Nature’s Best-Kept Secret:
    Eybna’s Revolutionary Path to Wellness

    Imagine a world where nature’s most potent secrets are harnessed
    for the betterment of humanity. At Eybna, that world is our reality.
    Our relentless pursuit of scientific excellence and our unwavering
    belief in the power of nature has propelled us to the forefront of
    botanical compounds research and innovation.

    The Eybna Odyssey: A Tale of Triumph Over Adversity

    Born from the ashes of personal struggle, Eybna’s story is one of hope and resilience.

    Nestled in Israel, the epicenter of botanical phytochemical research, our founders embarked on a quest to unlock the untapped potential of cannabis. Their vision? To bridge the chasm between nature and science and transform lives across the globe.

    Today, Eybna stands as a beacon of innovation in the wellness industry. Our interdisciplinary approach unites the brightest minds, all sharing a common goal: to elevate the health and well-being of people everywhere.


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    Research collaborations to study the non-cannabinoid components. From chemistry to life sciences. 


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    Our Process

    A Miracle in a Bottle, the Eybna Process

    Grasping the Eybna product in your hand, one observes a seemingly simple offering: an aluminum bottle filled with a terpene formulation. Within this simple package, however, lies the end result of an incredibly complex process, one developed and researched, analyzed, and perfected over the course of many years. To truly appreciate the power of what lies in a bottle of Eybna terpene formulation, an understanding of the process provides some enlightening perspective. Here we outline the process—from raw material to the final product—to give a glimpse into what really fills the bottle you receive from Eybna. 

    Beginning with the Right Components

    Of course, for botanical-derived terpene formulations, sourcing the right botanicals is incredibly important. All of our raw materials are non-GMO and completely natural. We also ensure that the botanicals we choose are abundant; this helps us reduce costs and improve our scalability, but it also ensures sustainability in the long run. Plants such as pine, lavender, and citrus peel are ideal as they are easy to grow, harvest and source, naturally, ethically, and sustainably. It’s with this foundation that the process begins.


    Choose the Chemovar

    We start by understanding the specific nuances of the particular cannabis phenotype we are emulating. As is the case with botanically-derived terpenes, we need to know our end destination in order to plan the route. We choose popular and unique phenotypes that are known either for their suggested effects or for their desired aromas, and which we believe will enhance the final impact, smell and taste of our customers’ products.



    The harvested flower of the chosen Chemovar is analyzed using gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS) to capture, in minute detail, the natural terpene component data. In addition to GC-MS, GC-Olfactometry is used to identify each and every molecule that, together, deliver the unique smell of the Chemovar. 


    From Raw Material to Terpene

    The carefully selected raw materials and their essential oils are then processed and purified into their individual terpenes to achieve the highest purity possible. These state-of-the-art, highly pure terpenes now give us the building blocks to create the formulas for our final product.


    The Art of Formulating

    This is the point at which our science becomes art. Our lab team carefully builds the natural chemovar’s volatile profile and our proprietary formulating method assures perfect consistency from batch to batch. Whether we’re creating a function-driven or strain-specific blend, our formulating process is carried out with incredible care by our manufacturing staff who work towards only the highest production standards.


    Analyze, Optimize, Test

    Comparative analysis between the final terpene formulation and the flower is performed using our Peak Perfect method. If necessary, optimizations are made to achieve the precise terpene profiles desired. In addition, solvent, pesticide, cannabinoid and terpene tests are performed to achieve a safe, cannabinoid-free terpene formulation.


    Test Again

    Our completed formula—matching the strict targets identified at the beginning of the process—goes through final testing by our flavorists and professional breeders to ensure a perfect match with the original flower’s aromas and flavors.



    All of the packaging is carried out under the strictest production standards, matching those of our lab and manufacturing facilities; The terpene formulation is stored in double-sealed aluminum bottles and sealed with Nitrogen gas to prevent oxidation, to ensure that our final products is pure, safe and ready for customers.

    So although you may one day hold a simple bottle of Eybna terpene formulation in your hand, in fact, you hold far more than that. Years of advanced R&D and technology, analysis, innovation, refinement, and meticulous adherence to only the highest standards are encapsulated in each and every one of our products.

    Why Eybna?

    We integrate our research findings into our product development

    We currently have 11 ongoing research projects with Israeli
    academic institutes to learn more about the different
    components that make up the complex smell of phenotypes 
    and to learn about the full medicinal potential of cannabis. The
    interim findings allow us to develop “higher-resolution”
    terpene products.

    Because safety is first for us

    Each of our raw materials is strictly analyzed before being
    added to our formulation. Solvent and pesticide
    analysis is done on each of our raw materials.

    24/7 R&D support

    Our R&D team is always available to advise 
    and guide you through your product development. All you have
    to do is just shoot us a message!

    Constantly innovating

    Our R&D pipeline is constantly filled with new developments. By constantly collecting feedback and analyzing the market’s needs, we keep on innovating new products.  

    Quality Policy

    Eybna, managers, and employees are committed to meeting all regulatory requirements and the requirements of the law, and to the needs and expectations of our customers and stakeholders in the processes of the company.

    Our products are safe to use and manufactured in accordance with predefined requirements. We provide products of the highest quality.

    Eybna is committed to the continuous improvement of both the products and the level of service, as well as the company’s internal processes. 

    Our commitment to quality is expressed in:

    ✔ Risk-based thinking, identifying opportunities for improvement and performing the needed actions accordingly

    ✔ Strictness and commitment to a high level of professionalism among the company’s employees

    ✔ Examination and improvement of the processes that take place in the company

    ✔ The company’s management is committed to maintaining and improving the efficiency of the quality management system and implementing this commitment among all employees

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