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    The Elite Collection 

    Wedding Cake terpenes

    Perfect combination of herbal and sweet profile. This strain leans on some very popular genetics to yield a balanced high and a dynamic taste.

    50ml / 1.7oz$24500
    250ml / 8.4oz$1,02100
    Pineapple express terpene bottle

    Sativa dominant hybrid with a round and tropical profile

    50ml / 1.7oz$26200
    250ml / 8.4oz$1,09100
    Jack herer terpene bottle

    Pure Haze and Skunk crossed phenotypes make this legendary profile very delicate and balanced with bold earthy undertones

    50ml / 1.7oz$24000
    250ml / 8.4oz$1,00000
    Mango kush terpene bottle

    A unique hybrid that creates a pleasant tropical aroma and flavor that reminds of mango

    50ml / 1.7oz$25300
    250ml / 8.4oz$1,05400
    Strawberry diesel terpene bottle

    This famous hybrid is known for its delicious sour strawberry overtones and generous yields

    50ml / 1.7oz$23500
    250ml / 8.4oz$98000
    Trainwreck terpene bottle

    This cross breed of Mexican and Thai sativas with Afgani indica creates a unique aromatic phenotype

    50ml / 1.7oz$24000
    250ml / 8.4oz$1,00000
    Tangie terpene bottle

    The citrus heritage is the most evident in this profile due to its refreshing tangerine aroma.

    50ml / 1.7oz$23500
    250ml / 8.4oz$98000