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    Terpene Based

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    New Enhancer Line

    Elevating cannabis and natural flavors to create a memorable aromatic experience, amplifying the pungent flavor notes in every products.

    Live Line™

    The Live Line™ captures cannabis at its prime. A sensory journey to the rare flavors of cannabis.


    Custom Formulation

    Craft your own exclusive terpene formulation

    Empowering your brand, made exclusive and consistent.

    Research Partners



    …Eybna allows us to do that with their rich cannabis strain based terpenes. Our consumers tell us these terpenes give them a full spectrum flower experience in a vape-able product.

    Charlie Cangialosi
    Old Pal COO

    …This partnership with Eybna allows us to leverage best of breed science for our products, giving our customers a unique proposition and optimized wellness experience.

    Clifton Flack
    CiiTECH CEO & Founder

    …enabling the Lemon Tree brand to expand its reach into new global markets and new product applications

    Matt "Rocky" Rockwell
    Lemon Tree Founder